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                                           Olive Oil

“Fish should swim three times: in the sea, olive oil and wine” 
— Croatian Proverb

LD is proud to offer a diverse range of indigenous olive oils from the island of Korčula and the Pelješac Pennisula that each burst with a unique constellation of flavours and aromas. 

Olive oils vary in taste according to the maturity of the olives, the variety of the tree, the growing conditions and the time of harvesting. We work closely with both family-run presses on the terraced hills in western Korčula and on the nearby Pelješac Peninsula to bring outstanding olive oils to table, paired with dishes from our daily menu.  

Olive oil and wine tasting is an integral part of our Chef’s Demonstration and Chef’s Table experience. Please contact us for more information.


Drobnica is the oldest of Korčula’s indigenous olive oil varieties. Centuries-old trees produce the most harmonious, well-rounded oil. The rich, pungent flavour has a scent of olives, aromatic herbs, artichoke and apple. The vague bitterness in this green oil especially complements raw foods such as blue fish tartar or carpaccio and seafood risotto.

This robust variety is from Vela Luka in western Korčula. Grown on dry and barren land, this green-yellow olive oil has a distinct bitterness with tones of almonds and herbs. This oil pairs beautifully with wild game meat and aged cheese.

This green-gold olive oil has an intensely fruity flavour with an aromatic, woody scent and moderate bitterness. Its elegant composition pairs well with seafood including cuttlefish, squid and shrimp. It also is an excellent companion for white fish and seasonal salads.