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.        Riding less taken roads

.        Tasting delicious homemade products

.        Discovering Kočje natural reserve

.        Finding out about local history and ways

When: 09:00AM every day but we can adjust to your wishes if you let us know your preferable starting time
Duration: 4,5 - 5 hrs
Distance: about 12 km
What to bring: comfortable sport shoes, breathable clothes, hat and sunscreen, beach ware, water, snacks, little backpack, lightweight
Tour type: cycling, youth and family, nature & wildlife, cultural
Activity level: moderate Disabilities friendly: No
Kid friendly: minimum 12 years old. Only children with parental escort can participate in this tour

BASIC TOUR includes: English speaking guide, mountain bicycle, helmet, water, olive oil / food tasting
Price: 2,080 HRK (280 EUR) up to 4 people, extra person 525 HRK (70 EUR)

PREMIUM TOUR on top of the services included in the BASIC TOUR includes: snack (dried fruit, nuts) backpack (provided upon request), transfer if needed (in the vicinity of Korčula town)
Price: 2,600 HRK (348 EUR) up to 4 people, extra person 650 HRK (87 EUR)  

If you are an individual traveler please contact us in order to get appropriate price.  
Prices are inclusive of all taxes.